Dear User, thank you for visiting our Website located at the domain We, LeadsMansion, hold an exclusive right of ownership of this domain. We are an entity that maintains the Website, commence any maintenance actions, and is responsible for updates of the Website.

In this Privacy Policy we, LeadsMansion team, would like to inform you about all possible ways in which we collect and process personally identifiable information abour users surfing on our websites, regardless of whether they are bind by any contract with us or not. We are fully responsible for informing you about how personally identifiable information is collected and processed. We also inform you about personally unidentifiable information processing rules.

We are a legal entity registered in Cyprus, so therefore we provide information in accordance with the appropriate Cypriot legal acts, inter alia The Processing of Personal Data (Protection of Individuals) Law 138 (I) 2001 (hereinafter called „Data Protection Law”). The scope of this Privacy policy is within the limits of the Data Protection Law. All provisions hereunder were designed and constructed in full accordance with this Law. We ensure full compatibility of personal data protection and processing with purposes defined in this Law.


You have full right not to agree with any provisions of, or with the whole text of this Policy. In both cases we deem that you do not accept this Policy. If so, we also deem that, immediately after the fact that you decided not to accept the Policy, you will leave the Website. We do not take any resposibility and our liability for any legal consequences is excluded, if you surfe on our Website despite not accepting this Policy. User who is a candidate for an Affiliate,, cannot enter into any contract with us and become Affiliate, if he/she does not accept this policy.


At our Website we ask users to register and provide personally-identifiable data. Examples of personally-identifiable data that may be requested include name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. We may ask to provide these personally identifable information from these users who would like to be Affiliates who will join our Affiliate Programme. Users who provide these personally identifiable data may choose to have their data deleted from our files. This will be tantamount to annulment of a contract between us and such Affiliate. When Affiliate wants to cancel a contract, he has full right to request deletion of his personally identifiable information. In such a case he/she has to explicitly state that his/her personally identifiable information should be deleted from our servers, or any software that is in our posession. How this should be conducted is explained in this Policy.

We also have got many other webistes and we collect personally identifiable information on these websites. Every website other than this Website has got its own Privacy Policy addressed to their users.


According to LeadsMansion internal marketing policy, its advertisement is made across many channels and media and this includes information being sent to users who visit our website and make any action that can be considered as clickstream data. Clickstream data is information that we collect about users and it can be defined as non-personally identifiable information. Clickstream data is fully anonymous, and it consists of IP adress, geolocalization of computer from which users entered our website, subpages he visited, and time for which he was active on the website before he left it.

We also have got many other webistes and we collect non-personally identifiable information on these websites. Every website other than this Website has got its own Privacy Policy addressed to their users.

At the time when a user wants to register himself/herself, we may additionally request and collect additional non-personally identifiable information about himself/herself, like age and profession.


On this website we may collect sensitive data about Affiliates regarding their account numbers, for the purpose of payment. Affiliates may be also asked about chosen payment methods (bank transfer, PayPal, Web Money or other).


If it comes to users that are just interested in surfing on our website, we will not request and/or collect any information about them, except types of information abovementioned. However, in some cases, we may be entitled to collection of data of those users interested in entering into business relationship with LeadsMansion. This may, but not always, apply to all types of relationships practiced in business, example given, as a suplier, agent, representative, dealer, etc.

We may be required to provide some information about these business partners to administrative organs. If such information is provided by us, these organs are fully responsible for further compliance with applicable data protection laws.


At the time when user is surfing on our website, cookies may be sent to him, and change some settings in his web browser. Cookie files are small-piece files that contain not more than 255 characters and 4Kb of disk space. Cookie files are written on the hard drive of user’s computer. Cookie files are not to collect any data about the user but to set his personal preferences. For us, cookies are to better understand traffic on our website, for further improvements, updates and maintenance. If you are interested in more information about cookies, visit website:


The Website is not designed an/or purposed to collect sensitive data about any user. We declare that we do not consciously collect any sensitive data as in the definition according to the Data Protection Law, meaning: data concerning racial or ethnic origin, political convictions, religious or philosophical beliefs, participation in a body, association and trade union, health, sex life and erotic orientation as well as data relevant to criminal prosecutions or convictions. We do not take responsibility if we come into possesion of any of these data. It is full obligation of user to contact us, and request a deletion of these data if he suspects that he sent it to us.


We provide information security to all our users according to generally recognized standards. The infrastructure owned by us provides security of both personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information about you. The infrastructure consists of SSL standard and our servers, so therefore we provide information security online as well as offline. SSL standard is a widely accepted standard security technology that establishes an encrypcted link between our web server and your web browser. Our servers are kept in safe conditions and are constantly maintained by us and our service suppliers. Your personally identifiable information is safe, however no transmission of data made through Internet can be perfectly secured. So therefore we do not give you any guarantee of full security of such transmission. You have to be fully conscious of the fact that transmission of data through our Website is at your own risk and responsiblity. We, however, introduced strictly limited access to your personally identifiable information, that does not include access of this information to the public. Our employees are fully commited to ensure security of your personally identifiable information , and only they are given access to this information to perform their jobs. Those employees who do not comply with our rules of conduct and do not use your personally identifiable information only for purposes defined in this Policy, will be subjects to disciplinary proceedings. We will notify you about any breach of information security concerning your personally identifiable information, according to applicable laws.


Our website may contain third party links, that will lead to websites owned and administered by other entities. It is full responsibility of user for clicking these links and for making any actions an websites accessed through these links. User is responsible for acquainting himself/herself with privacy policy of third party. Third party is fully responsible for giving user a chance to read privacy policy and for all data protection and processing matters.


If you would like to amend, update or delete personally identifiable information about you, please contact with our team. You can send your request by email or by post to our office - contact us.


We will not share any personally identifiable information about you with third parties, unless you will give an explicit consent. We may share personally identifiable information about you with entitled third parties, if required by applicable law, and if subject mentioned in this law will send us a request for personally identifiable information. We reserve our right to do this without notification, regardless if we have or do not sufficient time to notify you.


We reserve right to update or amend this Policy due to change in our internal policies, or change in applicable Data Protection law or other laws. We will notify you about the Privacy Policy change by e-mail, provided you are an Affiliate. If you are only a user not bind by contract with us, you will be given information on date of last update of this Policy. The date of update will be always transparent in the headline of this Policy. If you do not accept any updates/amendments in this Policy, you are obliged to inform us about this immediately.


If any issues, doubts or questions regarding this Policy, or if you want to obtain more information about our policies, you can freely contact us.