What is
performance marketing?

Performance marketing is a type of online advertising aimed at producing measurable results, that is certain actions performed by users that are desired by the advertiser.

Thanks to such actions, at LeadsMansion we are able to collect sales leads for you in the form of detailed information about your prospective client. All the promotional activities are run on websites belonging to carefully selected publishers, creating the so-called affiliate network.

At the same time, we direct your offer only to those who might really be interested in it and you pay only for the leads provided – the ones that have been verified and 100% customized to suit your client’s profile.

With us you only pay for the effect (CPA), not for the display (CPM).

  • CPM

    In the CPM the client pays for the number of displays or for a certain period of time in which the ad is being displayed – regardless of whether the user got interested in the offer or quickly left the site.

    With us there is no such an option.

  • CPA

    In the CPA model the client only pays for specific actions (e.g. filling up the form, buying the product, installing the application, etc.)

    This is a fair pricing model aimed at boosting the effectiveness of the campaign.

Why is the CPA
model more effective and viable

Reaching the
prospective clients only

There is no place for randomness at LeadsMansion. Advertising campaigns are directed at your specific target group via our affiliate network. In this way you reach those users who are really interested in your offer.

Paying for the effects

You only pay for specific actions performed by users, no matter how many times the ad had been displayed. If the user saw the material but performed no action, you incur no extra cost.

Facilitating budget planning

By choosing LeadsMansion, you do not have to rely on rough estimations. Knowing exactly how much you will pay for a given action, you can plan your campaign budget in detail, and spend only as much as you can afford at a given moment in order to achieve the desired effect.

Image effect – free of charge!

With us, you pay neither for displays nor clicks. This means that during the entire campaign an image effect is provided to you free of charge.
And the more people see your ad, the more memorable your brand will become.

At LeadsMansion we ensure the success
of all campaign participants!

  • Affiliate

    Publishers get tangible benefits for each acquired lead.

    In this way they monetize their online services.

  • Network

    The affiliate network of websites features valuable content, as well as a lot of extra traffic from ad campaigns (for instance from AdWords).

  • Advertiser

    Advertisers get customized leads, which allows them to easily acquire new clients and boost their profits.

    Also, they are provided with an image campaign free of charge

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