How does it work?

Start making money from your project!

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In our affiliate program we provide our publishers with a wide range of professional promotion tools, which allows them to increase the number and the quality of the leads they acquire.

Our server processes the leads received, and then they are sent directly to loan providers. It all happens in real time and thus the partners may constantly monitor their earnings.

Join LeadsMansion and start making money from your project!

Who can join
Leads Mansion?

  • Owners of online shops
  • Entities having their own databases
  • Advertising agencies
  • SEO specialists
  • Media houses
  • Owners of online services

What do we offer?

Real, measurable

We are experts at monetizing traffic in online services. Join us and finally start making money from your project.

and reliability

We have extensive experience in running ad campaigns and generating leads. We have been successfully operating on  na 6 world markets.

We pay for each
correct lead

Here at LeadsMansion we pay for each correctly generated lead and you can monitor the effects of your campaign.

We pay twice
a month

Money earned from generating leads is regularly sent to your account – twice a month – and always on time.

Access to the Affiliate Panel

In the Affiliate Panel you can check how many leads you generated and what your profits are, as well as get technical support.

We guarantee
a high conversion rate

Most publishers at LeadsMansion affiliate network boast conversion rate of more than 80%!

We validate
leads in real time

If the user performs a specific action, you can immediately see if and how much we will pay for this lead. This option is unique on the market.

We include
lead remarketing

We run comprehensive ad campaigns and remarketing activities are a standard for us.

Available tools

  • Iframe forms

    We offer forms ready to be installed on your website. They easily fit into the site and effectively generate profits.

  • HML Post

    This tool is used to integrate your service with our system. Everything is adjusted to your individual needs.

  • Private Sites

    You can create your own Internet service, install it on a selected server and a given domain and manage it yourself.

  • Public Sites

    These are websites whose maintenance on the servers and regular updates are the responsibility of the LeadsMansion team.

  • Mobile application

    We provide you with an application that has been designed for mobile devices with iOS and Android, so that you can access your panel no matter where you are.

  • E-mail marketing

    All the advertising material, including newsletters, banners and other graphic creations, may be customized to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Do you still have questions?

  • How do we define a lead?

    A lead is a full set of information provided by the user who is willing to access a product or a service. The scope of these data is specified by the seller of the product/service.

  • What do I pay for?

    You pay for contact details of the client who expressed his/her interest in your product or service.

Join LeadsMansion and start making money from your project