10 December, 2018

Leads in the financial industry - why the financial sector is one of the most popular in affiliate marketing

The financial industry was one of the first to see the potential in affiliate marketing. Financial institutions have been investing in performance marketing for more than 10 years, as it is a measurable and effective tool for them. The most popular services offered by advertisers from the financial sector using affiliate marketing are bank accounts, deposits, investment products, loans and cash loans. Sometimes, obtaining a valuable lead means that the consumer has to leave their sensitive data (such as information about earnings, employment or family members). See how to wisely conduct lead generation in the financial sector.

Ways to generate financial leads

As a result of the development of the FinTech industry and the transfer of financial services and products to the Internet, the main goal of online marketers is to generate a valuable lead

There are many effective ways to do this in the financial industry. Here are some of them:


- Dedicated landing page, whose ultimate goal may be to encourage the user to fill out the contact form. Affiliate networks often provide their publishers with a database of ready-made image creations.


- E-mail marketing. It is estimated that every £ 1 (GBP) invested in a mailing campaign has a chance to bring ROI (Return on Investment) of over £ 32.


- Retargeting (remarketing). It allows you to show ads to consumers who left your site without conversion and encourage them to come back. In the case of cash loans, in addition to standard advertising banners, you can use e.g. mailing to people who have not completed filling out the contact form.


- SMS marketing, which provides advertising material to users via SMS, MMS and VMS.


- Contact forms (iframe) and widgets that you can easily adapt to your website, which will allow the user to quickly fill them out also on the smartphone through dedicated mobile applications.


That is not all, of course. When investing in affiliate marketing, keep in mind SEO, content marketing, social media promotion, SEA (Search Engine Advertising), reference marketing, display advertising and CRM marketing.

The reasons why the financial sector values affiliate marketing

Banks and other financial institutions willingly use the opportunities offered by performance marketing. This is due to several main reasons:


- this is one of the few types of marketing that is precisely measurable - you only pay for authenticated transactions and conversions


- performance marketing is relatively cheap in comparison, for example, to television or press advertising


- the financial industry is attractive to publishers (affiliates), which for the advertiser means a large selection of promotional channels


- with affiliate marketing, you can verify leads in real time and, thus, measure the effectiveness of the campaign on an ongoing basis and optimise it


Leads in the financial industry take various forms. This may be the user who created an account or deposit in the bank, the person who left his contact details through the creditworthiness check form or someone who expressed interest in a cash loan, at the same time providing his phone number.


The increase of awareness and knowledge of contemporary Internet users, universal access to smartphones and mobile applications, secure online transactions, 24/7 access and the speed of obtaining a financial product make performance marketing have the chance to grow constantly in the coming years.