29 November, 2016

Affiliate Program – the profit from the Internet

Sometimes one gets the impression that every person running a blog or present on the Internet in the other way met with the terms “affiliate program”, “affiliate network”, or “affiliate marketing”. And she/he met with those terms probably during the search for effective ways to make money in the web. Not without reason, because affiliate programs are considered one of the best ways to pay for managing the website. LeadsMansion offers leading solutions of this type. So let us say in a nutshell, but without losing the informative content, what really are those famous and probably still not quite well known affiliate programs.

Let’s start with the entities involved in the whole project. In its simplest form we distinguish advertiser, publisher of the website and a affiliation network. Those three elements are closely linked in order to generate profits. An advertiser wants to achieve his/her marketing goal – to increase sales in store, increasing the number of visitors to website or other promotional purposes. Publisher, or afiliat, got a website and publishes ads, and if the ads are working effectively – gets paid by the advertiser. Ads on the publisher site have a specific purpose, which was written in the contract: eg. salary publisher receives when a user clicks on an ad, or fill the form, or purchase the product. The possibilities are many. And of course, the third element – the affiliate network. Such a network is a kind of mediator between the advertiser and publisher. It consists of other website publishers and allows the entry to an affiliate program. Affiliate network often offers – as is the case of LeadsMansion – webmaster advanced tools to help in the easy conduct of the campaign.

Publisher joining the program may be rewarded for that page user will take some action described in the contract (eg. fill the form), or for the fact that user will pass with his site on another specific page, or for the fact that he convince user to buy a product or service. Thus, the advertiser pays the publisher for very specific actions, to which the latter could convince visitors of his/her page.

Affiliate Agreement may contain records on the number of page views, the desired recipients, or visible and measurable consumer interest of product or service.

Affiliate programs are enjoying a high reputation among those webmasters who have joined them. They are more effective than regular advertising, easier to control for all parties, and above all generate higher profits.

In short: the advertiser (who wants to eg. sell clothes on the Internet) transmit a large part of the marketing activities for publishers (webmasters) who gathered in the affiliate network generate traffic and user behavior in line with the objectives of the advertiser. Dispersal network (such as the Internet having no center!) is able to operate more efficiently and effectively than a single entity. Some see in this situation, the seeds of a new organization of society, but it’s to early to reach such a conclusions.

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