05 December, 2016

Advertising the web – a few remarks about the basics of application

Besides social network sites, our online presence usually begins with the set up of blog. We study coding for some time or choose a content management system, and since the page is published, we are even a little more public persons. There is no doubt that the majority of publishing in the net are doing it at the beginning with one goal, which is self-expression and an opportunity to show oneself to the world. With time we comes the idea that the Internet among all his secrets is also a place to earn. And then arises the question: how can I earn on my blog or site? There are really many possibilities, but now I want to take issue of earning from ads placed on the page. This will not be an exhaustive compendium – a topic is huge – but the introduction of effective methods to make money from ads, eg. those offered by AdSense.


Well, here we got a proven knowledge which we can use. The ideal situation is to display only those ads that are consistent with the content on our site. In practice this is often not possible. These ads could be treated as an integral part of the page, and so lose their annoying nature and would be clicked often. If this is not possible, at least take care to advertising well integrated with the layout of your pages.


Location and size of the ad also are important to their effectiveness. There are two schools. The first speaks of “gentle advertising,” because this is not immediately rejected by the user. The other school recommends the advertising should appears immediately after the page loads, be as large as possible, perhaps even intentionaly flashy. To reconcile these two positions (both can be defend by citing data of the rate of clicks) say that advertising more aggressive, occupying the entire page, will not scare user if the visited site got valuable content. Even the giant banners should not disturb UX if the content on the page is what a user is looking for. This practice is used by the largest and most prominent portals because they are aware of their high quality content.

Correct and proven is also the rule: the more advertising the better effect we got (though only to a certain extent, of course …). If we took care of the content, if the advertisement is almost an integral part of our template – proper placing several ad units in carefully selected locations will bring good effect. However, we must distinguish advertising content from the content itself. As we said, close thematic connection to the page of the graphic/text is desirable, but never lose sight of this fundamental distinction.

Certainly a bad idea are the ads that attack us with a sound after openning the page. We should avoid advertising audio materials. They are treated as very intrusive, immediately turned off, and in addition, to get rid of these persistent sound you must do several things – discouragement as a result guaranteed.

Principles mentioned above are an ABC of advertising on the website. But these comments do not lose any of its value, even if you become a master of AdSense or find a solution better suited for your intentions.